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South Bank
Thirteen Homes
Photography by:
Stefan Shaw Studio

Located three miles from Middlesbrough, South Bank formerly known as "Tees Tilery” has a long history of steelmaking and shipbuilding through the famous Smiths Dock Company. The nickname of "Slaggy Island" (as it was surrounded by slag heaps) has long been a thing of the past as local council efforts seek to rejuvenate the former powerhouse in the North.

Our framework for the South Bank feasibility study explored a conceptual layout to guide future growth and development throughout the former steel fabrication housing neighbourhoods. Making the connection between buildings, social settings, and their surrounding environments, proposals develop a framework for regeneration and define public, semiprivate, and private spaces and public amenities to engage the local community.

Conceived as a long-term proposition, the existing road layouts were modified and densified to create public spaces, community centres and high quality sustainable neighbourhoods rooted in prefabrication methods that would see lightweight steel form the basis of the design and fabrication methods, along with renewable energy, sustainable urban drainage and reduced construction waste.