Rectory Grove
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Rectory Grove
Clapham, London
Photography by:
Stefan Shaw Studio

Proposals at Rectory Grove involve the extension to an end of terrace family house within a conservation area. The triangular plot posed demanding questions of the massing,connections to existing levels and materiality. The resultant form was contemporary piece of architecture that responds to site and location in a delicate juxtaposition of old and new.

Clad in elongated red brick that turns 90 degrees to form detailed soldier coursing banding, reaches backwards to form the mansard roof, and stacks firmly to create the boundary wall and ecological edge, the singular material response was as bold as it was daring.

The form,responding to the difficult site constraints, pulls away from the neighbouring buildings at first and second floor to provide a shaft of sunlight between the buildings, breaking the mass of the two and allowing the old and new to be read independently.

A new street edge was formed that brought a more private and protected entrance to the home, with space for planting, seating and adding much needed softening to the hardened curve of the road beyond.

Within, natural light is granted unlimited access to the key family areas on ground floor through removal of the rear façade (at low level), while a family snug, hunkers into the new ground floor area, creating a more quiet, contemporary space.