Meridian One
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Meridian One
Enfield, London
Vistry Partnerships
Invited Competition
Photography by:
Stefan Shaw Studio

We were delighted to be one of seven teams shortlisted by developers Vistry Partnership for the opportunity to work alongside Hawkins Brown and HTA to deliver the first phase of the £6bn, 20-year London regeneration programme led by Enfield Council - Meridian Water.

Known as Meridian One, our proposals adapt the ideals of a traditional Victorian Terrace to suit modern requirements. Flexible housing typologies that adapt to the user coupled with modern methods of construction increase efficiency and reduce constriction waste promoting a sustainable development strategy from the ground up.

Forming the Western boundary of Phase 1, our design for Block E will play an important role in defining the area’s identity and character. Streets with front doors to both sides of the road blend contemporary design standards with socially focussed peacemaking that responds to the local vernacular. Our approach captures the essence and objectives of Meridian Water in a characterful and charismatic proposal.

Key to our response is the creation of a healthy environment that encourages and facilitates a healthy lifestyle. All homes have been designed to foster a strong sense of community spirit through the provision of a 1.5 - 2.5m ‘front garden’ that meets the design code requirements and allows residents to take ownership of, and personalise their own piece of the urban realm. Community custodianship is promoted through a contemporary approach to the traditional Victorian bay window, open gallery access and passive surveillance, increasing daylight into the homes whilst reducing the risk of antisocial behaviour.

The buildings respond to the characteristics of the local historic development, eaves heights and materiality of Kimberly Road and the emerging local context. The 4-storey block will act as a threshold to the 6 storey buildings adjacent, framing the tree-lined street running North-South throughout the Phase. A depth of plan and crenelated roof-line breaks the potentially monolithic facade, providing animation, increasing daylight and brining activity to the street.

The typology design consists of two stacked duplex apartments, one above the other. The upper apartments accessed from a shared stairwell open onto a generous open gallery. With defensible space and areas for planting at each front door, the approach is led by simple community focus. At ground, integrated areas for planting and seating coupled with an open-handed approach to defensible space create unique entrances for each of the homes. Residents are invited to personalise their own piece of public realm to create identity and curate a unique piece of the urban environment.

Opposite these, our 6-storey contemporary apartment block is broken into a tripartite of delicate portions each with a distinct character and personality. Punctuated by moments of urban greening, green and brown biodiverse roofs and a prefabricated approach to construction proposals are rooted in sustainability and present the future of mass-built homes for a carbon neutral London.

Half of all the new homes are designed as affordable housing, 50% of which will be council- owned, and provided at London affordable rent levels, the remaining homes will provide a range of tenures and housing types to respond to market housing need during the construction of Meridian One.

From concept, through massing, placemaking, and materiality, the proposals set a new benchmark for the design of high quality, sustainability led design the likes of which Enfield can be proud of for generations to come.