Breach Avenue
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Breach Avenue
Southbourne, West Sussex
Photography by:
Stefan Shaw Studio

Placemaking is a social endeavour. It is not about creating space for buildings but creating a place for people. Our vision for Breach Avenue delivers a landscape-led community rooted in the ecological benefits of the site.

Sustainable, Ecological, Aspirational and Accessible, our masterplan draws on the wide-open spaces and ecology found on site, amplifying the verdant landscape of West Sussex. The organic layout places emphasis on social sustainability through rooftop solar collectors, passive solar heating & cooling and sustainable urban drainage. Nature is integrated throughout, with many of the mature trees retained along with hedgerows and smaller plants to the perimeter areas creating habitats for local wildlife.

A rainwater garden marks the entrance to the site adjacent to the existing apple tree orchard. All road junctions have clear sight lines free from soft landscaping with un-obscured views up and down the gentle curve of the primary treelined street. Pedestrian priority environments and home zone shared surfaces make access to the clusters of homes trip free and secure, and provide a low maintenance, high quality finish for the community.

Designed based on the Arts & Craft movement, the homes have been arranged to maximise direct sunlight, with a tenure split of (60%) market sale and (40%) affordable. Responding to the local vernacular of pitched roofs, low eaves and brick-built forms, the design puts forward a palette of simple, traditional building forms, with natural materials and a celebration of craftsmanship throughout.

The ecology and landscape strategy is driven by an ambition to create an integrated, accessible and ecologically driven scheme at all scales, from the individual home to the wider green network. Play areas have not been formally included, however the ecological edge provides an uninterrupted route of over 650m with open areas and views across the open landscape beyond.